LJP Mobile Preset Pack



Even though I could bring my professional camera with me everywhere, there are so many times when I choose to use my cellphone camera instead to document my everyday life and adventures. I originally created these presets to elevate and enhance my cellphone photos to better match my professional work, but the best thing is that you don’t need to be a professional to use these! They are suitable for all skill levels and work great for any purpose (from interiors, to food, to product, to children, to models/bloggers, landscapes, etc)! I created them with everyday folk in mind and made sure that they could be used successfully by anyone, beginners included! They're easy to use and tweak to your liking, most often just one click does the trick! But simple tweaks in exposure and white balance are usually all I ever need beyond that. 

LJP Mobile Preset Pack

LJP Mobile Preset Pack


Perfect for editing photos on the go, the LJP Mobile Preset Pack includes 3 different presets that work with the free Lightroom Mobile App. Inspired by a bright and warm vintage film look, the pack includes 2 color presets and 1 black and white preset. 

PLEASE NOTE - This product is a digital product for download. No physical product will be delivered.



My all-time favorite mobile preset heavily inspired by my professional work and my classic/desktop presets. This mobile preset is what I use for the majority of my own iPhone photos. Features blues that lean towards teal, muted greens, warm shadows, and medium grain.

Similar to my first preset, but with more neutral and subdued colors. This preset is going to be a one-click wonder for all types of photos! Features subdued blues, true greens, muted highlights, and medium to heavy grain.
I love LOVE a filmy, grainy, contrasty, black and white photograph and that is exactly what you'll get with this B&W preset! Another one-click wonder for most photos! Features muted highlights, heavy contrast, and heavy grain.