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Yellow Blooms

Within five minutes of arriving at the duck pond, I watched my lens cap roll off of my lap and plop right into the water! I wish I could say that normally never drop things... I drop things all the time, but this was the first time I dropped something into a pond!

Dropping my lens cap into this particular pond, however, sparked a long lost memory. My mom brought my friend Jordan and I to this same park one afternoon while we were still quite young, probably in first or second grade. We three were walking around the duck pond when suddenly Jordan slipped on a steep bank , one leg landing thigh deep in the sludgy water! If you have ever accidentally stepped into the soft mud, you'll know that an enormous amount of suction is created as soon as you try to pull yourself free. Trying to crawl out of the water, Jordan struggled against the suction and yelped that her shoe was coming away from her foot. My mom crawled down the bank to help pull Jordan free, hopefully without falling into the gunk herself. But, almost immediately my mother realized that she would have to get into the pond in order to free my friend. A few minutes later, Jordan, less one shoe, was back on dry land and my poor mom was wading through the murky pond water, valiantly trying to recover her lost shoe. My fuzzy, child recollection of this day ends with all of us laughing hysterically as we made our way back to the car, covered in mud, Mom one shoe short, and entirely done with the duck pond. So enamored by my fond memory, I didn't even consider trying to reach into the pond for my lens cap!

Luckily, as you can see, the rest of this photo shoot went off without a hitch! We had a blast walking around in these bright yellow blooms! One of my personal goals for this photo shoot was to really make this particularly busy park seem secluded, serene, and just a little bit magical.

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