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Working From Home

I can't say much about the pandemic that hasn't already been said. It's been scary and sad and completely unprecedented. I've thought to myself so many times that this feels like the beginning of a dystopian sci-fi novel. (I actually really love a good dystopian sci-fi, so if you have any good suggestions, send them my way!) It's weird and unsettling, but I know things will get better. One thing that hasn't changed for me is working from home, although I'm obviously at home WAY more than usual. Other than the necessary trips to the grocery store, I've been at home trying to figure out how to keep my business running. The extra time spent in my office has allowed me to fall in love with the space I've created in a way that I didn't appreciate before. It isn't magazine perfect, it's never completely organized, but it's mine, and I'm grateful for it.

P.S. The other side of the room is mostly just a bunch of my equipment and supplies laid out in a way that I can grab everything I need quickly. My goal is to figure out a way to get everything to fit into the small closet in the room. I think I'll need to invest in a shelf system to keep everything organized in a way that I don't lose stuff at the back of the closet.

Thanks for reading, friends. Stay safe and wash your hands. Be grateful for what we have and do your best to spread happiness instead of germs.

To happier times, y'all! Lillian Jean

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