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Vintage Film Camera - Anscomark M

Vingtage film camera on wooden stool

The ANSCOMARK M was made in 1960 and uses 35mm film. It features a built-in light (exposure) meter that couples directly with all FOUR of its lenses! The range finder also features color code lines to represent the field of view for the different focal lengths (35mm f/3.5, 50mm f/1.9 & f/2.8 , and 100mm f/4). 📷📷📷 According to the 1960's magazine ad that I found, this setup (camera body with 50mm f/2.8 Xytar lens) would have cost $134.50.... And in case you are wondering kind of money that would be now, I've already looked it up for you! Approximately $1177.38 !!!! 💸💸💸

The main slogans featured in the ad were:

"New Ansocomark M moves you up to the professional ranks...automatically!"

AND "Picture it now...See it forever"

😄I love that last one. 😆

Since the subject for this photo was vintage, I decided to go with a more vintage inspired edit. What to y'all think and do your prefer the B&W or COLOR versions?

Thanks for stopping by,

Lillian Jean

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