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Taggin' Along at the Aquarium

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

I absolutely loved this laid back, lifestyle photo shoot with my friend Sam and her adorable family. Posed photos just aren't their jam, so they invited me to tag along on an outing to one of their favorite places, the Texas State Aquarium.

We arrived a few minutes before 9am and quickly realized that the aquarium didn't open until 10am. Ooops! No worries though, because it was a gorgeous day with a generous breeze blowing off the Corpus Christi Bay. We found a shady patch of grass with an amazing view of the USS Lexingting and chatted about this and that until the aquarium opened. As we talked, Rhett, Sam's son, calmly explained that he was very shy and therefore should not have his photo taken. >.<

Once inside we were transported into the depths of the ocean, and I enjoyed stealthily capturing Rhett's excitement to visit his favorite fish tanks and exhibits. By the end of our time together and with a bit of help from a chocolate muffin bribe, we were able to capture some relaxed photos of the whole family together.

Thank you for stopping by my blog!

-Lillian Jean

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