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On the side of a Highway

All the time I see things out my car window that I want to take photos of, but more often than not I'm unable to pull over to capture what I see. Sunday was not one of those days and I spent a quick 10 minutes hopping around in a field on the side of the road! I really could have spent an hour taking photos, but after the third concerned citizen pulled over to make sure that I didn't need help with car trouble, I figured I should stop looking so apparently pathetic on the side of the road and get on with my trip into Corpus Christi, Texas. I wonder if I should invest in a sign that I could prop up against my car that says something like "I'm not broken down!" or "Just taking some photos, y'all!" or maybe just "I'm good"... or "leave me alone!". HA!

Truly though, it was so sweet how quickly people stopped to try to help me.

Maybe I could turn this into a new business strategy and start giving out my business cards to all of the people who stop to help! Silly, I know, but maybe I have found an untapped market and it couldn't hurt to try! :)

This is a field of sorghum which is a type of grass that can be used to make syrup or more popularly, used for animal fodder (particularly in the United States). You can tell that this crop is nearly ready to harvest because the tops of the stalks are turning red!

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