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My Dad, The Surfer

My dad is absolutely one of the most active people I have ever known. He's a boat captain, he's a musician, and he surfs or windsurfs every chance he gets. So it wasn't a surprise that we spent Father's day in the water!

I grew up swimming, playing, and windsurfing in the Laguna Madre. My dad lives only a few miles from the old green shack that we lived in until I was in 8th grade. Our house was tiny, it lacked central AC, and would shake if you jumped up and down inside, but we lived in the perfect spot for windsurfing. It was perfect for my parents, who met while windsurfing competitively in the '80s. It isn't nearly as popular nowadays, but I vividly remember when dozens and dozens of colorful windsurfers would be flying across the Laguna all at once. My mom was even in a really RAD tourist destination commercial about windsurfing that played in malls across the country in the late 80's! I never got very good at windsurfing as a kid, mostly because as a kid I was kind of a scaredy-cat that didn't like the idea of being alone, on surfboard, any great distance from the land, but I really love being able to windsurf with my dad now!

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