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Moody Maternity Session

Finding your style and niche is something that gets talked about a lot (and I really mean a LOTTTT) in photography groups, especially when beginner photographers ask pros "What can I do to help my business grow?" -Develop your unique style and hone in on your niched market.

It's sound advice, but I think it's also good to acknowledge that these goals re moving targets. My style, tastes, and my ideas about my niche have changed so much over the years. I always learn something when I push myself to experiment. When I first started pursuing photography, I was sure I was destined to be a "light and airy" photographer, but over time I've morphed into more of a "true to color" style. Recently, I was honored to photograph my incredibly beautiful friend, Meagan! (Meagan is also an incredible photographer and you should check out her work at ) She is carrying twin boys and we wanted to commemorate her pregnancy with a moody and raw maternity session. I took this shoot as an opportunity to experiment with a "dark and moody" style because it is a little closer to Meagan's own aesthetic.

I FREAKIN' LOVE HOW THEY TURNED OUT! I don't know if I will ever be a super dark and moody photographer, but golly guys... not to toot my own horn, but I think I NAILED IT!

After seeing the photos, Meagan joked that Moody Lillie should have a nickname and come out to play at more photoshoots... So, without further ado please enjoy Millie's (Moody Lillie) premiere on the blog!!!



Corpus Christi Maternity Photographer

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