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Going to the Carnival

At the end of January, I received an email saying that I had been nominated for an award I had never heard of before. I was about to go into a meeting, so I didn't even finish reading the email before I thought to myself "This sounds fake, I'll read it more closely later." Before I even put down my phone, it buzzed with an Instagram DM notification from a fellow Corpus area photographer that I only knew through the app, Meagan B. Photography. Her message said "Is this real?" and included a screenshot of the same email! She was also nominated in the same category! Now, super intrigued by this email that we both thought was too good to be true, I quickly DM'd another local photographer on the list to ask if it was real. Guess what? It was!

We had all been nominated for a BIG WIG award in the Best Event Photographer category, through the American Advertising Federations Corpus Christi chapter. How cool is that?

Later that week, Meagan and I met up IRL! (Do people use that acronym still? :P) It was so much fun to sit and chat about all things photography business related. We both have relatively new photography businesses and were flabbergasted at the idea of being nominated for Best Event Photographer. After chatting for an hour or so, Meagan and I drove a few miles to a small carnival set up in the parking lot of the old mall. (If you are from the Corpus area, you know exactly which mall I'm talking about.) I have always wanted to take fun photos at a carnival, and I was so excited that Meagan was down for a fun photo adventure.

Guys, we had a blast and didn't stop laughing the entire time. It was so much fun to take turns taking photos of each other, and I loved spending time on the other side of the camera. We danced, laughed, skipped, and did silly things regardless of some people even stopping to watch our picture taking process. I'd be lying if it didn't feel a little embarrassing at first, but I was having way too much fun to care. While we were there I was yelled at by a carnival worker, Meagan put her knee in mud while trying to get just the right angle for with the Ferris wheel, and a someone stopped us just to tell us that we looked like we were having the most fun of anyone else there. I think part of the reason we looked so happy was that we were doing something that we both genuinely enjoy.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the carnival!

Isn't Meagan the cutest? Here are her social media links:



Voting for the BIG WIG awards has officially closed, but I am so excited that Meagan will get to hang out again at the awards ceremony.

Thanks for stopping by!



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