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Coffee Waves

Not too long ago I was asked to "take over" the Coffee Waves Instagram page and I just wanted to share a few of my favorite shots from the week I spent posting for @coffeewavesalameda ! I can not even being to quantify how much I love this little coffee shop. I legitimately and on multiple occasions have been mistaken for an employee because of how often I'm there. So taking over the Coffee Waves Instagram page for a week felt completely natural and was a ton of fun!

I first visited Coffee Waves during the last few months of my senior year of high school. My friends and I would get together about once a week to play ... drum-roll... SCRABBLE! That's right, my teenage idea of a good time was playing several rounds of tile slingin', word wielding, vocab expanding Scrabble. But we were totally rebels because we would stay at the coffee shop until closing time at midnight! Or at least, I totally thought it was super rebellious.

And most fun of all, special Harry Potter themed photos for the Harry Potter night hosted at Coffee Waves! I mean, how could you not love a coffee shop that hosts Harry Potter nights?

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