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3 Photographers & 1 Model

I have been wanting to do a fun photo challenge like this for years and I'm so glad that I finally made it happen. The video is by no mean perfect, but that is okay! The spirit of this video is genuinely about trying new things, learning through trial and error, and having fun. So, I know it'll only get better from here!

Here is how the challenge worked:

1. Each photographer picked a photo shoot location

Meagan's location: Hoover Hotel & Cafe (abandoned building)

Lillian's location: Bayfront Park (small park & seawall area)

Cora's location: People's Street T-Heads (marina with shrimp boats)

2. We each had five minutes to take photos at the three locations. The person who pick the location had to take their turn first.

3. We edited a few of our favorite photos from each location for comparison!

I learned so much from watching Meagan and Cora take photos. It was amazing to see how they directed Kenedy, found the light, and utilized the location. I also LOVED seeing how different our photos turned out for each location.

Meagan's Photos

Find more of Meagan's Work:

P.S. I totally misspelled Meagan's several times in the video. Ooops, sorry MeAgan! :P I'll get it right next time.

Cora's Photos

Find more of Cora's Work:

My Photos

Huge thank you to Kenedy for being such an amazing model! She is just the sweetest, bubbliest gal and I always have a blast working with her! <3

Find more of Kenedy's Work:

Thanks for reading!


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